Why Does A Person Need To Undergo Laser Bunion Surgery?

Silverman & Lieberson, DPM is a Texas podiatry practice with offices in Downtown Houston and Sugar Land. We have been providing bunion treatment for over 20 years and have extensive experience and knowledge regarding foot & ankle care. For more information about bunion treatment you can browse our website at http://www.AllTexasFeet.com. Is your second toe longer than your big toe? You enjoy good food! Perhaps you feel a head above others! Is your big toe overly large, you probably talk a lot. Is your big toe small? You may start many things, which you may not complete. Are there spaces between your toes? You need time to express your self.

As mentioned earlier, the accumulation of dead skin cells on the underside of the foot or on top or the sides of toes could take place in response to friction or pressure. Friction from tight or improperly fitting shoes is the most common cause for the formation of corns. Anatomical abnormalities of the feet or an abnormal gait can also make one susceptible to corns and calluses. Those who are born with bone abnormalities are most likely to suffer from corns. Those who wear tight shoes with narrow toe boxes are also susceptible. One may develop a hard or a soft corn due to pressure from ill fitting shoes. bunion pain

It may seem surprising that less than 2% of all people develop bunions when one considers all the pointy shoes that are on the market these days. Doctors report that tight-fitting shoes and pointy shoes contribute to the list of the main causes of bunions. Wearing stilettos are a top reason for developing bunions. But you don’t have to be female to develop bunions; the condition can appear in males as well, especially if pointy cowboy boots are worn most of the time, crowding the toes together, and putting the feet into the proper position to form bunions.

This attitude makes many bunion sufferers to endure in their shoes which only serve to make the condition worse off in the long run. Well, the good news is that there are very fashionable shoes available and these come in a number of styles giving you options to choose from. There are myriad home remedies that can be a good source of pain relief for bunions. You can for instance make use of spacers. You realize that the presence of bunions causes enlargement of the big toe joint pushing the big toe outwards.

Stretching the big toe is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate bunion pain Sit with the legs outstretched on the floor with heels side by side and touching. Loop a thick and stiff rubber band around both big toes. Keeping heels together, move the tops of your leg apart so they form a V shape, hold stretch for 5 to 10 seconds or as tolerated. This will help strengthen the little muscles on the big toe. Do not apply the ice pack directly to the bunion without a towel in between. The cold from the ice can harm your skin without a layer of protection. Tips